Suomy Helmet Sizing

Sizing: With Suomy the most important measurement is to correctly measure the crown of you head. The crown of your head is the widest part of your head usually just above your eye brows to the back of the skull. To get it right measurement it important to have someone assist you with this measurement! 

  • Unlike other helmet designs, the Suomy needs to slide down over the crown and is held in place on each side by cheek pads and by innovative, precisely placed, dual lower, rear head pads which cushion the helmet against the base of the skull. This arrangement provides a comfortable fit while providing greater stability thank other designs.  

When ordering please use the size picture as a guide. You may want to go up a size for a variety of reasons such as you prefer a loose fit, you carry a lot of weight for your height, you have a large neck for your size or the shape of your head, etc.