Flying Legends 2022 Calendar
Flying Legends 2022 Calendar
Flying Legends 2022 Calendar
Flying Legends 2022 Calendar
Flying Legends 2022 Calendar

Flying Legends 2022 Calendar

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2022 Flying Legends - Classic WW2 Warbirds Calendar
Large 17" x 12" Wall Format
Ideal for Framing

Take to the skies with the legendary warbirds pictured in this stunning wall calendar. This large format 2022 calendar features a new vintage warbird accompanied by all the fun-to-memorize stats for each plane, including its ceiling, plane’s bomb load, the plane’s powerplant and manufacturer. Relive the glory of these classic warbirds with this full color, high quality calendar with 13 classic warplanes in flight!

Award winning photography of John M Dibbs brings to life the WW2 era warbirds legends like the Hurricane MK11C fighter bomber, B-26 Marauder medium bomber, P-51D Mustang escort fighter, Bf109E-3 Messerschmitt and the Lancaster B1 heavy bomber and more. Includes Type, manufacturer, powerplant, performance and Armament for all 13 planes highlighted! 

The 17" × 12" calendar images are the perfect size for framing, so when 2022 comes to an end, you can continue to admiring these mighty warplanes and those who served.

2022 Flying Legends Calendar Details:

  • Award winning Photograpy by John M Dibbs  
  • Featuring 13 full-color images of classic warplanes in flight
  • Dimensions: 17 x 12" closed. 17 x 24" when open. 
  • Perfect size for framing at year's end
  • 12 month timespan (Jan - Dec 2022)
  • Includes Sept - Dec 2021 on single spread
  • Includes fun-to-memorize stats for each plane
  • Printed on high-quality paper
  • Includes all major and significant holidays
  • Perfect for the home or office

This is a great gift for all history lovers, military buffs, or veteran in your life. From launch to landing, Flying Legends 2022 will have you feeling sky-high all year!