Leather Jacket Keychain
Leather Jacket Keychain
Leather Jacket Keychain

Leather Jacket Keychain

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Life is too hectic and short not to have some fun! This novelty genuine leather, motorcycle biker jacket style keychain is designed to please motorcycle enthusiasts.  The Brando style motorcycle biker jacket keychain is so realistic that the front zipper actually moves! 

Keychain features a 1" easy on - easy off round split ring design.  When installing a key just put hole on top of key on the extension in the middle of key ring and move key around split ring to install. No hassle or fumbling when putting a  key on this keychain!  Recommended for traditional style flat auto metal keys and traditional metal keys used doors and locks. The 1" round split ring design Not recommended for modern style thick plastic key fobs !

This keychain is guaranteed to attract attention and bring a smile when given as a gift! Buy one for yourself and don't forget your riding buddies! 

  • Made of Genuine Leather
  • Biker MC Jacket Design
  • Includes: Metal Split Ring Keyring
  • Easy on Easy off split ring design
  • The 1" round split ring keychain fits most metal keys
  • The 1" round split ring keychain not recommended for thick plastic key fobs
  • Jacket and round metal split keyring chain Measure approximately 4" long.