Chrome Accent Motorcycle Cup Holder
Chrome Accent Motorcycle Cup Holder
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Chrome Accent Motorcycle Cup Holder
Chrome Accent Motorcycle Cup Holder
Chrome Accent Motorcycle Cup Holder
Chrome Accent Motorcycle Cup Holder
Chrome Accent Motorcycle Cup Holder

Chrome Accent Motorcycle Cup Holder

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  • Bear Claw's satin black motorcycle cup holder with chrome accents features a custom look. 
  • Easy On - Easy Off  design can be installed or removed  in seconds. No tools  needed!  
  • The New York City tough, cup holder features a durable satin black nylon body with dual chrome accents for a custom look.
  • The no slip "Bear Claw" clamp is designed to fit  1/2" to 1-3/4" circular, oval or rectangular parts on your motorcycle like the handlebars, grab rails, saddlebag guards or engine guards!. 
  • We include Free 2nd Amendment Koozie.The Free Koozie allows you to bring a variety of smaller sized cans, cups or bottles along for the ride!
  Frequently Asked Questions
  • The cup holder is usually mounted on the left side of the handlebar. For most handlebar mounting you will need at least a 2" rise or more to avoid hitting the gas tank. Not sure if the cup holder will work on your handlebar? A simple way to test if our cup holder will work is, while sitting on your motorcycle, turn your handlebars all the way to the left side. Hold up your favorite  bottle, cup or travel mug up to the left side handlebar and  if you have 2" of clearance between the gas tank you are ready to order! 
  • The Bear Claw is versatile enough to mounted handlebar as well as  frame and body accessories like grab rails, saddlebag or engine guards or even racks. The ''Bear Claw " Serrated Clamp is 1 1/2" wide and is designed to be rotated 90 degrees which will allows the cup holder to be rotated for vertical mounting on things like high rise handlebars ( ape hangers) or the vertical areas of engine guards, frame or saddlebag guards.  
  • The tapered arms are approx. 3" in diameter and is designed to hold a variety of popular sized cans, cups, bottles and tumblers. Fits most can or cups from 12 -20 ounces and bottles from 1/2  to 1 liter . A good rule of thumb is if your container will fit in your car's cup holder it will work in our cup holder!
  • The mounting clamp locks down with a unique " Cam Lock" hand operated turn lever. No tools are needed. Rotate the hand operated "Cam Lock" lever clockwise till clamp is tight.  Push the cam lock lever down to lock. clamp is locked when the lever touches the clamp. 

    We have sold thousands of our "New York City" tough cup holders. Comes with detailed instructions and mounting tips. We believe The Bear Claw Cup Holder  would be a great addition to your riding gear. Buy it now and it's on the way! 


    10 Reasons Our Bear Claw Cup Holder Is Better

    • Custom  black cup holder with chrome accents with Free Koozie
    • Mounts in Seconds - No Tools Necessary
    • Weather resistant  nylon design with rust resistant hardware 
    • Easy On - Easy Off design with Hand Operated "Cam Locking" Clamp
    • No slip Clamp rotates 90 degrees for Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
    • Mounts on Handlebars, Grab Rails, Engine or  Saddlebag Guards, Racks etc
    • Designed to clamp to 1/2" to 1 3/4" mounting surfaces
    • Designed to work with most popular cans, cups & bottles from 12oz to 20oz
    • Designed to work with most popular bottles from 1/2 to 1 liter
    • Designed to work with a variety of Travel Mugs and smaller Tumblers