Mob Armor Magnetic Pro 90 Smartphone Holder
Mob Armor Magnetic Pro 90 Smartphone Holder

Mob Armor Magnetic Pro 90 Smartphone Holder

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 Updated Smartphone Holder

  Mobnetic Pro 90  

Magnetic Magic

Designed by Mob Armor, the upgraded Mobnetic Pro features a unique dual magnet with improved circlip design for instant docking of your smartphone in your car, van, or other inclosed vehicles. 

Features magnetic 90 degree ball & tilt mount for easy viewing of smartphone. Mounts inside your vehicle  in seconds - no tools needed.  This cell phone holder will be the last phone mount you will ever need.  Also mounts on a workbench, kitchen counters of other inclosed places where you need a phone holder. 

  • Magnetic Phone Holder Securely Mounts to your  Vehicle with a powerful - 90lb pull Neodymium Magnet. Dual magnet designs allows you to securely mount the holder to your vehicle and easily mount your smartphone to the holder! Easy On - Easy Off magnetic magic!
  • Dual Magnetic 90 Degree Ball and Swivel Tilt  smartphone holder for easier viewing.

  • Comes with two (2) round  self adhesive metal disks which allows the magnetic holder to be mounted to any non metallic part of your vehicle or other suitable space. Mount one disk on  dash of your vehicle and use other disk for another vehicle. Note -   metallic disk mounting surface needs to be non porous and flat- doesn't work on grainy or curved surfaces !

  • Comes with two (2) self adhesive  Flat Black smartphone mounting plates that can be easily attached to  back of phone or on any protective smartphone case. Once you attach the flat black mounting plates to the back of your phone or phone case , you can easily attach your phone to  the Mobnetic Pro smartphone holder! 

Designed and Made in USA, the Mobnetic Pro is a world class product.  You can Buy in Confidence because they are confident that their Smartphone Holder will give you a Lifetime of Satisfaction!

Please Note: Not to be used with Qi wireless charging products.  Do not use with credit card phone cases.  Magnets may cause harm to credit cards.